Polka Dots or Stripes?

I’ve always been drawn to stripes, and veered away from polka dots.  For some reason they always look so busy hanging on the rack, and I don’t think they will look right on.  That was until I found this Three Dots Voile Maxi Dress!  Something about it just screamed, “Try me on!”  I guess you can say it was love at first sight-or dot.  The greatest part about it was that I knew I could wear it in the day with a sandal or at night with a wedge or heel.  Having a toddler I don’t always have time to do a full wardrobe change, if we are running out quickly at night, and so I knew this dress was perfect for me!

I’m also very petite so I’m constantly having to shorten my maxi dresses.  Not only is that time consuming, but it becomes very costly.  With this dress all I had to do was put it on and go.  No tailoring!  I also love that it appears to be off the shoulder, but it really has sleeves.  This is a great detail that they have added to the dress because I hate having to pull up an OTH look all night long.

All in all this dress is a MUST.  It’s feminine and flirty, and most of all comfy!  Plus it is on sale on Threedots.com.  I say live a little and try a polka dot garment this week.  What do you have to lose?