Fun in the Sun

The sun is extremely fierce in Florida this summer, and so I wanted to share with you my go-to baby/toddler essentials for the beach and pool. My favorite bathing suits for Charlie are the long sleeve RuffleButts. They have built-in sun protection to shield her delicate skin! The built-in UPF 50+ makes me feel like she is getting an extra layer of protection against harsh UV rays. They also have such adorable patterns, for their suits, which makes them even more fun!

When it comes to sunscreen my absolute favorite is the mineral-based Baby Ganics SPF 50 spray bottle.  Before Charlie turned one, I used the Baby Ganics lotion sunscreen on her, which I also loved, but ever since she started to be on-the-go it is easier to use the spray. I use this on both her face and body, and it works well with her sensitive skin.

I also like to make sure that Charlie always has a hat on when we are at the pool or the beach.  My favorite brand is Flap Happy. It blocks UV rays and has UPF 50+ in it, therefore providing Charlie with a lot of protection.  Although it says to hand wash them, I always just throw them in with her regular load, and they come out absolutely fine!  It is an added bonus that they are also so adorable!

Additionally, ever since I could put Charlie in sunglasses I’ve always gotten her the Teeny Tiny Optics from Elegant Child, a clothing store in Boca Raton.  Not only are they stylish, but they also fit her perfectly.  It is a bit more of a struggle to keep them on her these day, but they are seriously the cutest!  Another sunglass brand that I think is great is Babiators.  They offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and are very durable.  Not to mention they are too cute for words!

Also, we could not live without Charlie’s Native shoes.  They are THE BEST!  Not only does she wear them to the beach and pool, but she also wears them pretty much every day!  They are waterproof, hand-washable, slip-on, and basically a mother’s dream.  They completely takeaway the hassle of putting on shoes with laces or even Velcro.  They are a necessary purchase in my opinion.

Lastly I absolutely love the SwimWays pool float with a canopy because it provides shade and UPC 50+ sun protection!   They also make it in an infant version, that I recently fell in love with, called the SwimWays infant baby swim float!  You can just lay them flat in it while they are very small. I didn’t put Charlie in the pool until she was about 6 months old so I never knew about this version!  It’s adorable.