The Layette Section Of Denny’s Fashion Style For All

I remember being so overwhelmed when I was pregnant, with my daughter Charlie, about what to buy before she arrived. How many pairs of footie pajamas did I need, how many gowns, what if I didn’t have enough towels? The list went on and on. I was so excited when I found out that Denny’s Fashion, Style, For All had a layette specialist who could answer all of these questions! I simply called the store, made an appointment, and went in to get my never-ending list of questions answered.

Being a soon-to-be second time mom , I already know the drill, and don’t need an appointment this time around. However, I recently stopped into their layette section to buy all of the essentials for baby girl #2! From towels to take home outfits, Denny’s is definitely my number one choice for all infant apparel. If you check out the highlights section of my instagram account @mamainmanolos you’ll find me discussing all of my favorite things from the store (under the collaborations highlight).

Currently Denny’s has 11 locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Florida, as well as their website On their website they offer free shipping on all order over $100, and they are constantly running amazing sales!