Sleep Training Is Everything

When I was pregnant with Charlie I recall everyone telling me I needed to read this parenting book and that parenting book, and this sleep training book and that sleep training book. In all honesty? I had ZERO interest in spending my free time reading about “how to be a parent,” and I bought none of them. I watched everyone reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” as if they were cramming for the SATs, and I just had no interest. It wasn’t until I was in my third trimester that a book finally peaked my interest. All of the buzz surrounding ‘Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old,’ got me curious. My best friend, Martine, swore by it, and I decided to prime it right away, and have it on hand if need be.

I wont lie, the book sat on my kitchen table for months without being opened. It wasn’t until Charlie was a few weeks old that I remember facetiming my friend Amanda so she could see Charlie “in person.” While we were on the phone she told me she needed to put her daughter down for a nap, and I asked her if she wanted to call me back after she was done putting her to sleep. She told me it would take two seconds, and there was no need to hang up. I watched her walk her daughter into her nursery, change her, put her in her crib, say, “I love you, have a good nap,” and walked out. My jaw literally fell to the floor. I couldn’t believe that was all she had to do to put her in for a nap! She promised me that if I sleep trained Charlie I would be living this dream within weeks. It seemed like an impossible task, and there was noway I would ever get to where she was with her child, but it was time I dusted off the book!

My next Aha moment was when I spoke to my friend Brooke. She told me that my goal was to be on a 7,11,3,7 schedule with Charlie by the time she was 12 weeks old. A what?! It was as if she was speaking Mandarin to me. I made her slow down and elaborate on what she meant, and in that moment I knew that ’12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks Old’ was going to be my new best friend. No matter what it took I wanted “in” to this sleep training club, and I was going to do whatever it took to get admitted.

The thing I most explain to people is that the book reads just like an instruction manual. The entire book literally takes 2 hours max to finish. I would sit with Charlie in my arms and read it out loud to her, and within days I was finished. I knew that it was not going to be an easy task to sleep train her, but ultimately I believed a scheduled baby would be the happiest baby. Babies thrive on routine and consistency, and sleep training provides the ultimate daily routine. Following the process, however, was no easy task. For 1 year straight I would run home by a certain time to put Charlie in for her nap, and her night routine was the same each and every night. I lived, breathed, and died by the guidelines of the book-with just a few minor changes that I made myself. I would have people say things like, “Oh we didn’t let our child dictate our lives like that, they went according to MY schedule.” Meanwhile, I knew EXACTLY when I could workout everyday, I knew when my husband, Steve, and I could spend time together alone, and my child was the happiest human on the planet. She was also sleeping for an hour and a half EVERY morning, two hours EVERY afternoon, and twelve hours straight EVERY night by the time she was 7.5 weeks old.

By the time Charlie was 1 I was able to be the most flexible person on the planet with her. I didn’t need to be so by the book because she was fully trained. Whether I got home an hour late for her nap, or put her in 45 minutes late to bed, she slept. The most annoying thing, to this day, is that people tell me I’m so “lucky” that Charlie takes 3 hour naps every day or that she has slept 12 hours straight since she is 7.5 weeks old. Let me tell you people, there was no “luck” involved with this process, bur rather hard work. So many of my friend’s babies do not sleep throughout the night or take consistent naps, and I just sit back, relax, and enjoy my sleep trained child thanks to this book. I often refer to this book as my “bible,” and urge everyone to read it. Now I sleep train everyone’s babies, and my friends call me the sleep training ninja!

If you want to become a sleep training guru like me buy this book STAT:

’12 Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old’