Q & A With The Founder of Baby Steps and Mish

As a huge fan of Baby Steps and Mish, I wanted to interview its founder, and I was so excited when she agreed! Vivian is an absolute force to be reckoned with, and a true girl boss. Read on to learn all about her journey to starting one of my favorite children’s companies.

1.What made you start the company?
39 years ago I had a toddler who kept slipping on my wooden floors. I went from store to store looking for something she could wear besides shoes that would keep her from slipping and sliding. No luck. I saw a void in the American market. Then I read in a parenting pamphlet about non-skid socks that were sold in Japan. After many phone calls with people translating into Japanese at 3 am (14 hour time difference) and hundreds of letters translated into Japanese sent to stores and manufacturers in Japan (there was no such thing as computers back then) I finally received 1 response and a small package of 6 pairs of plain white non-skid socks. I went into the non-skid sock business and then expanded into layette, pajamas, children’s clothes, all while while expanding my own family to 3 amazing kids.

2. Do you have a background in fashion?
I am not a designer by trade, but life lessons have taught me what moms want and what babies need. And I have a wonderful design team.

3. Your patterns are always so cute! Where do you draw inspiration from?
We try to appeal to wide variety of tastes and preferences. We are constantly in touch with stores and moms. We do both edgy and traditional to have something for everyone.

4. I’ve noticed that you’re adding even more clothes beyond pajamas- which is so exciting! Do you plan to continue expanding on it and putting out more clothing options?
We are always looking to fulfill the needs of our customers so expansion is always on our minds. Lately we have entertained the idea of doing girls.

5. The mommy and me trend is so hot right now. I know I’d be so excited to be able to match my daughters in your pajamas! Do you think you’ll ever do a mommy and me set?
In order to keep our product line at reasonable prices, we try to stay focused on what we are best at. Our main goal is to produce the best products at the most reasonable prices so for now we are staying focused on children’s wear. But you never know!

6. What’s your favorite part about owning this company?
Without a doubt there is nothing as thrilling in business as being involved with people who are experiencing the most exciting time in their lives, having babies. This is such a happy and emotional time, and being part of a mom and dad’s life when they are going through pregnancy and childbirth and having babies and kids is the most rewarding thing I can think of. Even though business has its ups and downs, it always puts a smile on my face knowing I have even the littlest involvement in making a baby comfortable and the parents satisfied. Honestly, I could go on and on about this but I won’t bore you!

7. Where do you see the company going in the next 5 years? Any exciting plans?
I hope my company continues to thrive and make mommies and daddies and their babies happy and comfy. Also my daughters, who now have children of their own, have begun working with me and so I hope to have a little more free time to spend with my 6 grandchildren and soon-to-be 7th grandchild. No complaints here!